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a little about me
I am an all round creative and digital leader. Managing, Creative Directing and Strategising visual and digital marketing campaigns. I have worked in advertising for over 16 years creating 360 marketing campaigns on both agency and client side. Working on innovative and result driven campaigns across a range of brands and mediums, working closely with Marketing Directors to achieve the best experience for the customers. I mentor, manage and build multi skilled agile teams to develop effective cross channel marketing experiences. I have a strong emphasis on innovative solutions and a deep knowledge across all on and offline touch points. Using data-driven marketing insights to continuously improve campaign performance and user experience. I am results driven, dedicated to value creation in line with the business strategy. Everything i do I bring a positive attitude and a smile to.
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Managing multi-national and multi-skilled teams
Strategic planning
Creative concepting
Creative Presentations
Visual and digital Creative Director
Web and responsive mobile design
Adobe creative suit
UI and UX Designing
After effects video editing
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Cecilia Weckstrom - Global Senior Director at LEGO

I've had the pleasure of working with Alistair both in my previous role as global head of, and more recently as global head of environmental engagement. Alistair has always impressed me with his energy, passion and commitment to creating the best solutions. He is pragmatic, inventive and has a knack of getting the best out of his team despite changing circumstances. He keeps morale high and is a reliable and dependable partner to the business. With Alistair on the team, challenges turn into creative opportunities and things get done to a high standard, on time every time. A true A player!

Michael Sorensen - Director, Account Management and Strategy at LEGO

Amazing resilience and a fantastic positive attitude are the first things that comes to my mind about Alistair. I had the pleasure of having Alistair in my team for a year, leading the LIVE team across TLG DCE Channels with several remarkable deliverables done by Alistair and his team. I have in particular been impressed with his ability to rejuvenate ideation and persistently getting people to collaborate across the company and realizing opportunities, even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how difficult dialogues and discussions there were, Alistair always left everyone with a smile. As a team member and leader, Alistair has my highest recommendation.

James Lanigan - Commercial Director at Bookatable

"I would highly recommend all aspects of Al's work. He has a great breadth of design and leadership skills to help manage any creative team. I worked with Al for a number of years at and he led some very successful campaigns that are still being re-used due to their commercial success. Al has a strong conceptual eye as well as the technical skills to produce some innovative creative work. He is also a great art director and helps motivate a team to bring out the best in people."

Ewa Streich - Team Leader- Online Media Operations

"I have had pleasure of working closely with Al for over 3 years now. During this time, he developed multiple sets of video and video interactive concepts for our online media team that resulted in successful online campaigns. Al has not only great breadth of design and technical skills but also great feel for creative concepts that turn into marketing success. He is always open to new ideas, suggestions and innovative solutions. He is strong team leader who drives people with him and his ideas He is also great fun to work with."

Nick Jones - Front End Developer

Alistair is driven, intelligent and skilled. He is able to inspire his team to go beyond their creative and technical limits without burning them out. He has an exceptional sense of design and a great eye for quality and he is able to write code and communicate on a level with his developers. This results in his team running as an enthusiastic, efficient and cohesive unit. Throw in a great sense of humour and it also makes him a real pleasure to work with.

Wojciech Lotz - Visual/UI Designer

Alistair is a very talented professional who combines technical, creative and management skills. He is very well organised, always pushes the boundaries to achieve best possible results. His creative thinking always encourages members of his team to explore new territories, to accomplish even the most crazy ideas. Having Alistair on board is something that I would highly recommend to everyone who prioritises quality and innovative thinking.